Our Philosophy

No matter the activity there's an energy system that needs to be given attention in order to effectively perform. This energy system can be trained.


There's no limit or category distinction. It is all a matter of choice and commitment.

The Dynamic Resistance and Assistance Systems incorporate the stimulus of proprioceptors while training both muscle fiber and the entire motor unit which it is a part. The response to a nerve stimulus that is stressful and causes muscles to adapt together support my philosophy; resistance, and assistance with sufficient time over which it is applied go hand in hand to produce superior gains.


The Energy System Components are:

Speed endurance: (variable and constant - resistance and assistance)
Short speed endurance = low anaerobic stress
Long speed endurance = medium-high anaerobic stress
Lactate tolerance = high anaerobic stress
Tempo/Strength Endurance: (calisthenics plyometrics with dynamic resistance and assistance)
extensive = aerobic capacity and aerobic power
intensive = anaerobic capacity


SE1 - Anaerobic Lactic (Power) 
Sp - Anaerobic Alactic (Power) 
E1 - Aerobic (Power) 
TS- Technique/Specificty

SE2 - Anaerobic Lactic (Capacity)
SpE - Aanaerobic Alactic(Capacity)
E2 - Aerobic (Capacity)
AR- Active Rest


Private Training

Coach Hill will work to motivate and create custom training regiments for his clients, as well as, personalized nutrition plans. He will educate his clients on the ideal exercise and diet necessary to accomplish his or her professional or personal goals. 


  • Personal Program Design
  • Proper Technique & Form
  • Solid Consistent Non-Judgmental Support
  • Bi-Weekly Video Analysis

Professional Sport Coaching

The Track and Field athlete and/or team training will introduce individuals or teams to the dynamic resistance and assistance training, warm up, posture assessment, bio-mechanical analysis and cool down methods designed by Cedric Hill.


  • Performance Management
  • Strengthen and Conditioning Support
  • Comprehensive Global Athletic Experience
  • Bio-Mechanical Analysis
  • Sports Psychology Component

Speed Development

Clients will receive an introduction to dynamic resistance and assistance systems. Running fast is a learned behavior therefore instruction is needed. My goal is to educate the individual based on the differences and not similarities. Each athlete is unique in his or her own way. The desired skill is is to properly apply force. Without instruction this cannot be achieved and therefore goals of maximum velocity are not reached.


  • Bio-Mechanical Analysis
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Support
  • Training based on the differences not the similarities