Our Philosophy

No matter the activity, there is an energy system that needs to be given attention in order to effectively perform.

This Energy System can be trained.

It's all a matter of choice and commitment. See our full philosophy




Offers private one-on-one training sessions. He will provide fitness assessments and also go over in details your medical records if necessary. More


The individual and/or team training will introduce individuals or teams to the dynamic resistance training, biomechanical analytics and more


clients will receive an introduction to dynamic resistance and assistance systems. Running fast is a learned behavior therefore instruction is needed. More


Training energy systems for the activity

Each of the above training involve unique stimulus for specific activities. The response to a nerve stimulus that is stressful and causes muscles to adapt together support my philosophy; Resistance, and assistance with sufficient time over which it is applied go hand in hand to produce superior gains. See full list of components



Charlie Craig: 3 time Olympic Stafff
— Wayne Douglas: Founder of Elite Health Foods/World Renowned Health Care Professional
Lionel Larry
— Christine Ohuruogu
Vincent Ewing: City Attorney City of Chico
— Orin Richburg: USATF director of Track and field UNM
Derek Adkins
— Greg Salas

Organizations we've worked with

NFL - NHL - MLS - USA Olympics - Athletics Canada - USTAF - USTA West - UFC Gym - LAUSD - NTL -  SAMOUSD - PUSD - Ghana Athletic Federation - India Athletic Federation - Chivas USA -  IFBB

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Cedric Hill is a professional sports coach with over 25 years of experience with organizations like the NFL, NHL, MLS, and the NCAA. He has also coached multiple Olympians, all american & championship winning collegiate athletes. He is a certified strength & conditioning coach whose specialties include bio-mechanics, speed development, & fitness/wellness. See full bio